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Panopto and Top Hat Monocle Team Up to Enhance the Learning Experience

Today, we’re excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Top Hat Monocle, a leader in interactive classroom technology. Top Hat Monocle provides Web-based tools that enable students to submit real-time responses to classroom questions and polls, participate in discussions, download course notes, and keep track of grades. Top Hat Monocle’s software-based classroom solutions are a perfect complement to Panopto’s lecture capture software, and both of our companies share a vision for improved student achievement through a combination of great teaching and great technology.

Under this new partnership, Panopto and Top Hat Monocle will begin engaging in joint sales and marketing efforts to offer institutions an end-to-end solution that improves the learning experience for students both inside and outside of class. Customers will be able to easily integrate Top Hat Monocle’s polls, quizzes, and other tools into Panopto recordings, making video-based instruction more interactive in order to improve student engagement and increase classroom interactivity.

For example, instructors can:

  • use Panopto to record pre-lecture material, and use Top Hat Monocle during class to test retention, ensure participation and see real-time results.
  • enable distance learning students to actively participate in lectures by using Panopto to live broadcast a lecture that incorporates Top Hat Monocle quizzes and polling.
  • record supplementary course material using Panopto and embed a Top Hat Monocle quiz in the recording to test student understanding of the topic.


Top Hat Monocle Embed Sample - Part 1 of 2
Figure 1: A faculty member uses Panopto to record pre-lecture video and slides as part of a “flipped classroom” approach.

Top Hat Monocle Embed Sample - Part 2 of 2
Figure 2: At the end of the recording, a Top Hat Monocle quiz automatically launches within the Panopto viewer, enabling students to test their understanding of the topic, which will then be reviewed in class.

Together with Top Hat Monocle, Panopto is excited to offer an intuitive solution that helps teachers focus on teaching, and students focus on learning. For more information on using Top Hat Monocle with Panopto, please contact us at https://www.panopto.com/about/contact-us.