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Panopto Kept Recording — Even Through a 3-Day Server Outage

“It was Sunday in late February, right before the first midterms of the semester,” recalled Chris Braster, Assistant Director of Educational Technologies at Thomas Jefferson University.

“I was sitting in my family room, enjoying a cup of coffee, when I got a text alert on my phone, informing me that the Panopto server was not responding,” Braster said. “Nothing was loading and eventually it timed out. When I couldn’t get it to come back up, I got IT on the phone and they were able to restart the server successfully. That was about 10:30 a.m.”

ICON - Thomas Jefferson University - Panopto Video Platform Case Study - Panopto Lecture Capture PlatformBut a few hours later the server went down again — then again, and again. The problem persisted for three days.

As Braster and team began to investigate, they realized an underlying problem with the server was at fault, having nothing to do with the university’s installation of Panopto.

Nonetheless, among the content seemingly lost with the server down was the school’s video lectures— right when students were preparing to study for midterm exams.

Fortunately, there was still good news. In spite of the server outage, all of the lectures would still be available.

The Panopto recorders were working just fine.

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