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Record Your Next Presentation With Panopto

Let’s face it: try as you might, you can’t be in three places at once.

And while you might like to give your stellar presentation to the colleagues at your corporate headquarters, the executives in your Hong Kong office and your remotely-located sales team, it’s not always possible (or practical!) for you to deliver that information in person.

Luckily, video can help. With as little as a laptop and its onboard webcam, you can record your presentation and share it across your organization without having to clone yourself in the process.

Panopto makes presentation capture easy: all you have to do is hit the big red record button and go. Your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, video, and the contents of your screen are all automatically synced, uploaded into your company’s “corporate YouTube” and made accessible to anyone inside your organization.

To learn how to record your presentations using Panopto, check out our video below. If you’d like to learn more about sharing knowledge across your organization using video, drop us a line.