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A Refreshed Panopto: Built for Engagement

Panopto 14.10 is here. And with the release comes new UI / UX updates.

Keeping things clean to make learning impactful.

We know for learning to matter–and really stick–the tools that support it must be easy to use.

Brain power should be spent on the big stuff. Like your team’s safety protocols, those new product details, or your class’s lecture material. It shouldn’t be spent on finding content and clicking around.

At Panopto, we’re designing a smarter future of learning–to make sharing knowledge with video easy, more productive, and engaging.

Today, we’re introducing UI / UX updates that will continue to improve over the next year. Changes to Panopto include better organization, a more intuitive layout, and easier navigation for filtering, finding, and searching content–so your team and your class can learn smarter, not harder.

“The future of learning and collaborating across campuses or global teams needs the right mix of functionality and flexibility. So, technology must be easy to use. We are updating Panopto’s user experience not just for a new look but impactful outcomes: keeping learners engaged with tools and materials for a modern online learning experience.”

– Uday Ghorpade, Chief Product Officer

Your home for learning has a new modern view.

We updated our homepage. Finding the content you need is simpler, cleaner, and more intuitive.

Your new home for learning has:

  • An updated layout with clean spacing.
  • Single-row carousels to minimize scrolling.
  • A “Recently Viewed” carousel to keep the most relevant content right at your fingertips.

Keep it all organized with new folder pages.

Powering learning for a global team or institution needs content–and lots of it. For example, in 2023, Panopto users created over 14 million videos.

Our new folder page keeps learning organized. It has:

  • Three rows of browsable folders at the top.
  • Left-aligned filter controls for easy finding.
  • Right-aligned sort-and-view filters for searching.
  • An updated sort drop-down for filtering everything on the page.

Better integrations for seamless learning.

The Panopto integration with your preferred LMS is the core of your learning ecosystem.

We updated our LMS integration so you can:

  • Browse content with filter controls without leaving the LMS (i.e., scheduled recordings, grid view, table view).

We’re now officially LTI Advantage Certified by 1EdTech, so you can use Panopto with the tools your learners use most.

Live learning while using Panopto.

Get familiar with the new Panopto while using it.

To get you up to speed, we’ve added Pop-Ups that explain everything you need to know.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Panopto 14.10 is here–and we’re so excited about what we have in store for the rest of this year.

Stay tuned for more updates on how we’re further redesigning Panpto to keep learners engaged.


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