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Schedule Recordings In Advance With Panopto

Whether you’re recording a single event or a weekly recurring lecture, Panopto makes it easy to schedule recordings in advance and control them remotely from any web browser.

With Panopto’s Remote Recorder, your AV team can schedule recordings based on their location, date, and time. They can also control how the automated recording is captured –  selecting video sources, setting recording quality, and controlling whether the recording is also live streamed.

With just a few clicks, you can prepare to capture an entire conference, a semester’s worth of classes, or even just a simple recurring meeting.

Once remote recording is set up, all your team needs to do is walk in and present as they normally would. Panopto takes care of the rest.

Find out more about how Panopto helps your team work ahead with automated recording in our video below:



Panopto’s remote recorder also provides a web-based dashboard that makes it easy to see the status of recordings taking place across your organization.  AV teams can monitor recording status, get a preview of live video, and check audio levels to ensure that scheduled recordings are going as planned.

Find out more about our remote recorder, and how Panopto can make video easier for your organization. Contact our team to try Panopto free for 30 days.