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Schools and Colleges – Why You Should Visit Us at BETT

Frances Andrews - Panopto EMEAThis is the first year I’ll be going to the BETT show with Panopto – though I’m a seasoned BETT veteran from roles at other education technology companies! Having been at Panopto for around eight months now, I’ve visited a lot of schools and colleges to get a sense of how they’re using, or want to use, video technology to enhance the student experience. While there are already some schools and further education providers integrating classroom capture software like ours into their teaching and learning strategy, it’s fair to say that the sector as a whole is at the beginning of the journey. This is why I’m really looking forward to showcasing what we can offer schools and colleges at BETT and meeting even more teachers to find out how they see video affecting teaching and learning.

However, I’m well aware that we’re just one among hundreds of exhibitors at the show, all aiming to show why their technologies should matter to teachers. So if I were to sum up why a teacher might want to use classroom recording at their school or college, and consequently why they should come and visit us at BETT, what would I say? Well, here are my top three reasons you should come and see us on Stand B68 at BETT 2014.

Panopto’s video search powers effective student revision
While it’s true to say that video can already be recorded in a variety of ways, with Panopto video gets smart. Our software’s ability to ingest the words on powerpoint slides and use these (along with captions, notes and comments) as metadata means that students don’t have to watch an entire recording when they are revising – they can search for a keyword and skip to the part of the video that is most relevant. If you visit us at BETT, you can see the search feature in action.

Panopto helps you flip the classroom
Lots of teachers are now exploring the flipped classroom model, where students review key points in advance of their class, so face-to-face time is freed up for deeper discussion. Panopto can allow you to film bite-sized learning chunks using your laptop, iPhone or iPad and then distribute to your students quickly and easily. You can also see who has viewed the content, to make sure students are engaging with the material when they should be. We’ll be able to show examples of this at BETT.

Panopto can be used for staff Continued Professional Development (CPD) to share best practice
Using Panopto, staff can review their lessons back to really hone their content and delivery style. This means that best practice examples can easily be shared with other teachers. At BETT, you can tell us how you think you’d want to use video for teacher training purposes.

I hope I’ve made my case for why you should visit us at BETT 2014 – we’ll be at Stand B68. If you want to book a specific slot for me to demo Panopto for you and discuss video at your school, you can email me at [email protected]. I look forward to seeing you there.