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The Spiral Notebook is Dead.

Pen-and-paper note-taking is on it’s way out — and it’s schools and students alike that are making this tradition an anachronism.

Why? As courses become more rigorous and topics more technical, in most classrooms it’s now increasingly difficult for students to physically record every important detail as quickly as teachers deliver them.

Those incomplete notes can leave students feeling underprepared for exams — especially in STEM studies where a single detail may completely change a test result, code design, or experimental outcome.

There’s a better way.

Video-based lecture capture may have gone mainstream as a means to assist students who couldn’t attend class in person, but it’s become a driving force shaping the future of how we learn simply because it offers the possibility for students to really review their class materials.

Outside of class, students can now review lectures for complete details. Searchable video platforms even allow students to seek out specific comments and moments to fill in gaps in their memory and more fully prepare for tests and projects.

In-class, students can participate more freely. Without the fear of missing out on something they should have been writing down, our customers tell us their students find it easier to add to discussion, formulate questions, and take part in classroom activities — which in turn helps them learn more.

Video increases accessibility. Without video, students with learning disabilities, as well as those with certain physical disabilities, often already recorded class lectures. University-led video lecture capture eliminates this task, and helps ensure these students have a consistent, high-quality, dependable recording solution to ensure they never miss anything.

International students use video to enjoy a fuller comprehension of course materials. As universities continue to attract an increasing number of international students, non-native language support has become essential. Video lecture capture enables these students to easily review classroom lectures as often as necessary — anywhere, anytime — as well as to search videos by keywords to revisit specific moments they may have been unable to ask for clarification on while in class.

Every student can use video as a highly effective study tool.

The modern classroom — especially in STEM-based curriculum — has become inherently detailed and complex. In a rigorous academic environment, information access is a major key to success.

Video-based lecture capture helps with that. Today students are able to review class lectures easily at any time of day or night — and as often as they like — to help themselves really learn.

That may not be great news for all those spiral notebooks out there, but it’s great news for students.

Looking for a lecture capture solution that runs on any laptop and can easily scale across any campus? Panopto can do that — give our team a call today to learn more.