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Teaching From The Hospital Bed

Friday morning we saw an amazing tweet from our friends on the Tech Tips team at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.

UPITT Bradford - Class Given From Hospital Front Page - Panopto Video Platform

Dr. William Schumann, assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, might just be our new hero.

As the university’s newspaper, The Source, details, Dr. Schumann suffered a broken left leg and pelvis as a result of a serious skiing accident. But broken bones didn’t stop him from teaching class.

Shortly after his accident – while still confined to his hospital bed – Dr. Schumann set about to find new ways to provide course materials to his students. And with help from university resources, his colleagues, and Panopto, Dr. Schumann is doing just that – teaching from his hospital bed.

“He was straight away, less that 48 hours after his accident, taking care of his classes,” The Source quotes one of Dr. Schumann’s colleagues. “I think he’s going above and beyond so far.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Dr. Schumann!