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The 100-Word Guide: 10 Tips to Improve Your Corporate Videos

Organizations around the world are adopting video — not just for marketing, but training, communications, support, and more. Just as we all did with email, we all need to brush up on how to best present ourselves in this new medium.

Yet most guides to better business video read like dense textbooks — what you really need is a checklist.

Like this one:


The Panopto 100 Word Guide to Better Business Video


  1. Lighting — Lots. Ideally 2 sources, at 45-degree angles to your face.
  2. Sound — Reduce ambient noise. Test your microphone ahead of time.
  3. Dress — Solid colors. Blue is safe. Avoid white, black, and small prints.
  4. Background — Find a solid-color wall with nothing on it.
  5. Practice — Plan what you’ll say and rehearse. It shows.
  6. Brevity — Three-to-five minute videos improve engagement.
  7. Concise — Get to the point, quickly. No extraneous details.
  8. Proof — Back up each claim with a fact.
  9. Informality — Imagine speaking to a friend, not a camera.
  10. Closing — End with a call to action.

Put it all together, and you’ve got an easy checklist to help you (and your team) make professional quality videos, time after time. Like this one:

What do you do with that video once it’s complete? Share it!

And that’s where a video platform comes in handy. Panopto is a video platform that enables you to incorporate multimedia presentations, live broadcasts, and other video content into your communication and training strategy, helping your organization share ideas, insights, intelligence, and more.

To learn more about how you can use video in your organization, contact our team for a demo, or request a free trial of our software today!