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“The Technologies That Are Shaking Up Education” – including Panopto

Whether it’s lecture capture, flipped classrooms, student recordings, faculty training, or a dozen other new ideas, the classroom of the future is supported by video.

GuardianUK - Extreme Learning -Panopto Video Platform - Lecture CaptureAnd as of this morning two new voices have joined that consensus. Both The Guardian and Education Technology are talking about lecture capture – and Panopto.

The Guardian included Panopto as part of their review of lecture capture, in their list of the 7 technologies that are shaking up education.

We’re proud to be the featured example of lecture capture in action – and that The Guardian talked with the team at Aberystwyth University (who’ve been using Panopto since 2009) to hear just how well lecture capture can work for universities.

Also discussing lecture capture and the future of learning is Education Technology. Reporting from Integrated Systems Europe 2014, editor Rebecca Paddick reviews the huge adoption of lecture capture among UK universities – and notes that “Panopto can now boast more than a quarter of universities in the UK among its clients.”

Writes Rebecca, “Panopto proves that universities, and now schools, do not have to invest in expensive kits to enhance the student experience. Lecture capture is simple to set up, easy to use, and has firmly found its place in the UK education sector.”

We’re thrilled that more and more of the education community has discovered video as a means to enhance the way students learn. Study after study has shown that individual control over the pace of learning increases student motivation and engagement, giving students the chance to tailor each lecture to their own needs.

Students who have access to Panopto’s lecture capture technology are able to review difficult concepts on-demand, catch up on missed class material, and enhance their own learning experience through recordings, which can include embedded research documents, professors’ in-class whiteboard notes, and searchable captions outlining the lesson.

Ready to shake up your school? Try Panopto free.