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Updating Windows Recorders and Remote Recorders to Support HLS

At Panopto, we’re continually updating our video platform to ensure that you always get the best streaming experience possible. In our December 2014 release (version 4.7), we introduced a new media pipeline built entirely on modern streaming technology — specifically, the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol encoded as H.264 and AAC. HLS is a protocol introduced by Apple in 2009 that has since become the most widely-adopted streaming protocol for both internet and intranet video delivery. It enables Panopto to stream single- or multi-feed video to the broadest range of devices using HTML5 or Flash based on the capabilities of the web browser or device.

Since the 4.7 release, our Windows and Remote Recording apps have captured and live streamed video using the HLS protocol. To date, upgrading to our HLS-compatible recorders has been optional, meaning that older versions of our recorder have continued to work, capturing video using the WMV and VC1 codecs, and streaming using Silverlight SmoothStream.

To ensure that our customers benefit from HLS-based streaming, starting on July 24th, we will require all Windows Recorders and Remote Recorders that connect to the Panopto Cloud to be on our latest release, version 4.9. In addition to supporting HLS, our 4.9 recorders have the latest and greatest functionality, performance improvements and bug fixes. If you are running Panopto on-premises or in a private cloud, you won’t be affected by this requirement. Of course, we still encourage these customers to update to the latest version of the Windows and Remote Recorders to receive the benefits of HLS and other improvements in our latest release.

Below are answers to a few frequently-asked questions regarding the upgrade to 4.9.

What does this mean if I’m using a Windows Recorder earlier than 4.9?
For customers on Panopto’s hosted cloud, when you launch your Windows Recorder on July 24, you will be prompted to update your recorder. At that point, just click the “Download Now” button and then install the latest version of the software. See these instructions for details.

Update Panopto Recorder Version - Panopto Video Platform
What does this mean for my Remote Recorders that are on versions earlier than 4.9?
For customers on Panopto’s hosted cloud, Remote Recorders will also need to be updated starting on July 24. To do so, log into your Panopto Cloud site ([your-panopto-site].hosted.panopto.com) to download and install the latest Remote Recorder package to each computer that is acting as a remote recorder. See these instructions for details.

What if I am using the Mac Recorder?
No changes are required, but we always recommend that you update to the latest and greatest version of the Mac Recorder to receive the benefits of our most recent bug fixes and improvements.

Can I start upgrading now?
Yes! We recommend you start the process of upgrading clients now. Windows Recorder and Remote Recorder downloads from your Panopto Cloud instance are already configured to version 4.9. By starting the upgrade now, you’ll be able to complete the process before older versions of the recorder are blocked from connecting on July 24.

For any questions, contact us at [email protected].

Thanks and happy recording!