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Video in the Classroom is Reaching a Tipping Point

Video in the classroom is becoming a standard part of our education system today, changing the way educators and students experience the learning process.

Study after study has now demonstrated (our review of the data is on the front page of SlideShare!) that individual control over the pace of learning increases student motivation and engagement. Students who have access to lecture capture technology are able to review difficult concepts, catch up on any missed class material, and enhance their own learning experience through recordings, which can include embedded research documents, professors’ in-class whiteboard notes, and searchable captions outlining the lesson.

Simply put, in-class video helps teachers teach, and helps students learn. And we’re thrilled InformationWeek agrees – check out David F Carr’s latest article in InformationWeek, “Med School Profs Exploit Video Lecture Capture” for a great take on just how video improves the way we learn.