Cornwall-Lebanon Schools Use Panopto for Lecture Capture

Pittsburgh, Pa., February 16, 2010 — Panopto, Inc., a leading provider of rich media presentation capture solutions for the corporate, education, government and healthcare markets, today announced that the Cornwall-Lebanon School District, a public school district located in Lebanon County, Pa., has deployed CourseCast across its district to bring lecture capture functionality to all students in grades K-12.

“Panopto has been a huge success across the Cornwall-Lebanon School District,” said Jason Murray, technology coordinator for the Cornwall-Lebanon School District. “We have used it to create IT how-to recordings that have reduced work orders so much that it has been like adding an employee to the IT staff. And teachers in all grade levels have found Panopto to be a great tool for recording student project presentations, increasing students’ public speaking fluency, communicating with parents, and more.”

Teachers note that the software is simple enough for third graders to use without adult intervention and has helped maximize class time since teachers can have students take turns creating recordings while working on other tasks. Teachers can then review, grade and post recordings online for parents to see after class, eliminating the need to spend entire class periods listening to student presentations.

“The Cornwall-Lebanon School District is a great example of the endless recording possibilities available with Panopto,” said Brad Winney, chief executive officer of Panopto. “Their creative uses of Panopto show that lecture capture is not just a solution for students who miss classes. Rather, it is a flexible tool that helps instructors teach students critical objectives and maximize learning time.”

Currently more than 55 classrooms throughout the district are using Panopto to create rich media recordings that include audio, video and screen capture components. This number is expected to grow even more through a new program called Virtual Academy, which will use open source course management system Moodle with Panopto so that secondary school teachers can record classroom material and post it online for students to access on-demand.

After evaluating multiple solutions, the Cornwall-Lebanon School District chose Panopto due to its ease of use, advanced functionality and low total cost of ownership that enabled the district to implement not only the software, but to purchase a support contract that has provided them with valuable training, maintenance and technical support.

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About Cornwall-Lebanon School District
The Cornwall-Lebanon School District is located in the south-central part of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, and encircles the city of Lebanon. With a student population of over 4,700, the Cornwall-Lebanon School District is the largest of six school districts in Lebanon County with four elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. To learn more please visit