Panopto’s Smart Search and Automatic Captioning Are Now Multilingual

Users can now specify language at the folder level for Panopto’s Smart Search and speech-to-text processing.

SEATTLE–August 23, 2021–Panopto, the leading video management system provider, today announced its Smart Search technology can now span multiple languages within a video library. Large companies and universities often have video libraries with a mix of languages, but they have been stuck searching in only one language. For the first time ever, these organizations can now search every spoken and written word across their entire video library. Specifically, users can specify the content language for each folder, enabling Panopto’s Smart Search and speech-to-text processing in multiple languages within the same site.

Panopto’s Smart Search technology automatically identifies each word spoken or written across every video in the library. Users can then find the precise moment in the video when the word was mentioned or shown. With today’s announcement, users can now get search results that span all the videos in the library, regardless of language. Additionally, Panopto will automatically generate video captions in the appropriate language specified at the folder level.

“Panopto has customers around the world, and these organizations are increasingly globalized and diverse,” said Eric Burns, Panopto’s CEO. “We are proud to extend our world-leading video search technology to support multilingual organizations and to give our customers a simple, powerful way to search through video libraries that contain content in many languages. With this latest improvement to Smart Search, Panopto is an even better way for global organizations to communicate and stay connected using video.”

The 18 languages supported are: English (United States, United Kingdom, or Australia), Spanish (Mexico or Spain), German, French, Dutch, Thai, Chinese (Simplified or Traditional), Korean, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Swedish, and Italian.

Users can now specify language at the folder level for Panopto’s Smart Search and speech-to-text processing.


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