Panopto Adds a Mac Recorder to its Lecture Capture Platform

PITTSBURGH, PA. (PRNewswire) April 29, 2009 – Panopto Inc., a Carnegie Mellon spin out, announced today the pending arrival of native Macintosh recording support for its popular lecture capture platform.

Currently in private beta, the Panopto Recorder for Macintosh will allow users to record lectures, presentations, meetings and ad-hoc sessions directly from their Macintosh computers. Both Macintosh and Windows users will have access to the full suite of Panopto recording features, which include automatic capture of video, screen, and presented material, simple start / stop controls, offline recording, and automatic indexing, encoding and production to student portals and learning management systems.

Eric Burns, Panopto’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, stated: “Many existing lecture capture solutions force Macintosh users to move their presentations to Windows machines or capture their screens with clumsy external hardware. Now, with this release, Macintosh users will have access to the same powerful, easy-to-use recording functionality as our existing Windows recorder. From a campus IT administrator perspective, this drives down the overall cost of lecture capture adoption and will make for a much more satisfied user base.”

Based on the recent release of CourseCast v2.1, company officials said the beta Panopto Recorder for Macintosh will be available to Socrates Premium Services, Hosted and Corporate subscribers in beta in May and commercially available by early summer of 2009.