Panopto Announces AI-powered Language Support for Welsh Learners

Today, Panopto, the leading global provider of video management solutions for workforce training and higher education, announced expanded support for accessible learning worldwide with the addition of Welsh ASR, OCR, and AI-keyword search support to its portfolio of more than 20 languages.

Panopto customers who record in Welsh will receive automated, high-quality transcripts and captions for video content to support their unique learning needs. Welsh language support furthers the company’s mission to provide an equitable learning experience for all individuals and delivers impactful functionality for its Welsh user community and customers.

Panopto’s best-in-class, AI-powered automatic speech recognition drives the new Welsh language support feature. For further personalization, Welsh users can manually edit captions to improve accuracy, build their own dictionary for specific terms, and request translations of existing English captions into Welsh.

“By combining the inherent value of video as a teaching tool with the added benefits that AI-powered captioning and transcription offer, Panopto is making learning more accessible for students and workers worldwide,” said Jason Beem, CEO at Panopto. “By introducing Welsh language support, we are making a firm commitment to provide accessible education to all Welsh speakers and hope to reach even more users in the ways–and with the words–they learn best.”

“As the leader in the field of Welsh medium Higher Education, Bangor University are delighted to see the introduction of Welsh Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) captions into Panopto,” said Bethan Jones, Senior Learning Technologist at Bangor University. “This has had an immensely positive impact on the provision of inclusive Welsh medium video resources at the university. Students and staff now have much faster access to more inclusive and efficient Welsh medium video content. This technology has not only vastly improved resources for fluent Welsh speakers but will also be of great assistance to those learning Welsh.”

Panopto is committed to supporting teams, institutions, educators, and students in their mission to connect video content to learners wherever they are, in whatever language they know best.

Current Panopto customers can contact their Account Manager if they have any questions about enabling Welsh in their language stack.


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