Panopto Announces Unlimited Video Streaming for Businesses

SEATTLE, October 6, 2015 – Panopto today announced a major update to the licensing model of its enterprise video platform. Effective immediately, Panopto’s annual license fee will include unlimited recording hours, uploading hours, and viewing hours for all corporate customers. This update enables businesses to plan their live and on-demand video streaming budgets with a level of certainty that had previously been unattainable. Panopto is the first video platform vendor to offer this level of price protection and budget predictability.

Until recently, enterprise video platform licensing has been plagued by complexity. Pricing models have traditionally been based on an estimate of the amount of video, and the quality of video, that organizations will record and stream.

This approach to licensing presents two challenges. First, it makes it impossible for businesses to accurately predict their annual video streaming budgets. Second, licensing models based on usage and video quality are fundamentally at odds with the purpose of a video platform because they penalize organizations for producing more, higher-quality video content.

Panopto’s unique approach to licensing overcomes both challenges, tearing down a major purchasing barrier to enterprise video adoption.

“We believe that unpredictable, usage-based pricing models hurt the growth of our industry,” said Eric Burns, co-founder and CEO of Panopto. “Video has become too essential to corporate communication and learning for vendors to continue using outdated licensing approaches. Businesses should demand hassle-free pricing for such an essential service, and with today’s announcement, we’re excited to be the first vendor to offer it.”

For more information on Panopto’s video platform, and the state of the enterprise video market, download a complimentary copy of Gartner’s 2014 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management:

About Panopto
Panopto’s mission is to help anyone share knowledge using video. Since 2007, the company has created software that enables businesses and universities to create secure, searchable video libraries. Privately-held, Panopto was founded by technology entrepreneurs and software design veterans at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science. For more information, visit