Panopto Delivers Corporate Presentations in the Cloud

Panopto Focus 4.0 and Panopto Unison provide an on-demand solution for recording, searching and collaborating with video and multimedia assets

SEATTLE, PITTSBURGH, LONDON – August 02, 2011 – Panopto Inc., an SIIA award and Red Herring 2011 Top 100 North America winner, launched today Panopto Focus 4.0 and Panopto Unison, the next generation of end-to-end video and multimedia capture and management solutions. The affordable cloud-based system is currently used by over 3 million people worldwide for its simple yet sophisticated tools for searching, editing and viewing recordings on any desktop or mobile device.

The newest Panopto release builds upon the company’s success with state-of-the-art functionality including:

  • Remixing. Recordings remain engaging and up-to-date with the ability to add a polished lead-in track, re-recorded segment, or part of another recording.
  • High Definition Recording and Smooth Streaming. Maximize the viewing experience on connections ranging from 3G wireless to gigabit LAN.
  • DVR-like functionality. Never miss a minute of a live broadcast. Start at the beginning whenever you arrive, rapidly seek anywhere, or “go live” and follow along in real time.
  • Social Media Integration. You can now post links to available Pancasts on Facebook and Twitter.

“With its high-definition recording and adaptive-streaming live broadcasts, Panopto Focus 4.0 is a huge leap forward for Panopto’s already industrial-strength media capture functionality,” said Eric Burns, Panopto’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. “Combined with Panopto Unison’s ability to import and manage media from any source, Panopto now offers organizations an unparalleled level of integration of their media assets. Companies are tired of having to cobble together enterprise solutions built from systems that work well individually but don’t integrate well, and the Panopto platform provides the ideal alternative for those looking to deploy great video tools for everyone. Video capture, management, search, and delivery are no longer just the domain of AV experts – Panopto is an easy-to-use solution for everyone.” “Panopto Unison enables us to meet our users’ needs by providing a more secure ad-free YouTube style site,” said Corey Ray, Manager of Digital Media Solutions at Wichita State University. “By utilizing the same hardware, we are able to be more cost effective on labor and hardware and provide better scalability and management than simply adding another server or service provider.”