Panopto Expands Meeting Intelligence with Microsoft Teams Meeting Recording Integration

Panopto app now integrates with Teams to create a single, searchable, on-demand library of meeting recordings.


SEATTLE — September 21, 2021 — Panopto, the leader in video management systems, today announced the expansion of its meeting intelligence solution for enterprises and higher education through a new integration with Microsoft Teams. The integration allows institutions to securely and automatically transfer Teams meeting recordings into their Panopto on-demand video library, where they become searchable and shareable at scale, both inside businesses and across virtual and physical campuses. Panopto’s exclusive Smart Chapters feature automatically generates a table of contents and a visual index of the class or meeting, making it faster than ever to find key meeting moments. 

Meeting Recordings Are Here to Stay and Bring New Challenges

The dramatic increase in institutional video use over the past year continues to accelerate as organizations embrace the new normal for in-person and remote attendees. Organizations are recording their meetings and classes for employees or students who could not attend, or for later reference by participants, from anywhere on any device.

This rapid growth in recording presents numerous challenges for system administrators and end users. Large organizations have to secure millions of meeting recordings across their systems, prevent unauthorized downloads, and protect intellectual property. This is further complicated when working across multiple video conferencing providers. Employees and students must be able to quickly sift through hours of meetings to find the moments that matter and securely share them with colleagues.

Meeting Recordings Become Useful at Scale In a Secure Library

Panopto’s video management system centralizes, secures, and organizes these meeting recordings at scale. Administrators have a wide variety of controls to determine which recordings automatically route to Panopto.

Once in Panopto, innovative AI helps institutions make the most of their intellectual property. Panopto’s Smart Chapters automatically creates a table of contents inside each video, including visual thumbnails, for easy navigation. It also sends an email that contains the transcript of every word spoken in the meeting, along with a snapshot of key moments from the meeting. With Panopto’s Smart Search, meetings become searchable by the appropriate employees and students, right to the moment inside each video when the word was spoken or written in over 20 different languages.

Using Panopto, meetings are discoverable via mobile or desktop, wherever employees and students already go to find information, including the most popular learning management systems and collaboration tools. An analytics dashboard provides administrators and faculty with detailed information on who is watching which videos, how long they’ve watched, and how they interacted with the video. This serves as an audit log for administrators and helps meeting hosts identify impactful moments that may require further follow up.

A recent report by Wainhouse Research found that meeting recordings and video collaboration will remain a permanent fixture in the workplace. Some 88% of those using video conferencing daily agree that “the ability to record video meetings for later reference can help a company operate more efficiently.”  The report also found that video management systems serve as the bridge that enables video meeting content to be distributed at scale–whether live or on-demand.

“The world’s rapid shift to remote and hybrid work makes it imperative for employees to access searchable meeting recordings, for students to easily find and watch moments in lectures and video course materials, and for administrators to measure how recordings are used,” said Eric Burns, Panopto CEO. “Panopto is excited to offer automatic, secure, and searchable recordings of Microsoft Teams meetings as part of our ongoing work to build seamless video workflows between both products.”

“Microsoft Teams is how higher education and business professionals stay connected and organized,” said Steven Abrahams, principal product manager, Microsoft Teams Ecosystem. “With Panopto’s Teams integration, customers have a single, secure video library that spans their entire organization and that allows them to easily access and search their Teams videos anytime, anywhere.”

Customers receive Teams integration as part of their Panopto Enterprise subscription at no additional cost. To learn more, visit

To read the Wainhouse report Unlocking the Hidden Value of Business Video–The Hunt for Meeting Intelligence click here.


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