Panopto Expands Multilingual Global Reach with Catalan, Galician, and Euskera Language Support

Pittsburgh, PA, March 11th, 2024- Panopto, the leading global provider of video management solutions for workforce training and higher education, announced expanded support for accessible learning worldwide with the addition of three official languages to serve regions on the Iberian peninsula.

With support for Catalan, Galician, and Euskera, Panopto’s portfolio includes more than 20 global languages. Panopto customers who record in these languages will receive automated, high-quality transcripts and captions to support their unique learning needs. To increase accessible learning in Spain and support institutions, Panopto is thrilled to partner with educational resellers like Samoo by Pentec, eNGN & Ayscom and Seidor, who work closely with universities on the Iberian peninsula. These partnerships build stronger relationships in the region and ensure local institutions and learners can use Panopto to design a learning model that works best for them.

“The Spanish constitution officially recognizes the richness of the different linguistic modalities and therefore encourages the public educational system to provide education in the different co-official languages ​​in each region,” said Sol Garcia, Samoo by Pentec, Director. “By localizing and adapting its applications for Iberian languages, Panopto is helping to ensure that Iberian-speaking learners have access to the same tools and resources as their peers.”

“By combining video with the added benefits of AI-powered captioning and transcription, Panopto is making learning more accessible for students and workers globally,” shared Jason Beem, CEO at Panopto. “With the introduction of Catalan, Galician, and Euskera language support, we’re dedicated to offering accessible education to speakers from all regions on the Iberian peninsula. As we develop additional language capabilities in our platform, we will connect with even more users in the ways they learn best.”

Panopto continues its mission to support learners wherever they are and with the words they learn best. By adding support for Catalan, Galician, and Euskera to the platform, Panopto proudly supports expanded language options for diverse learners worldwide.

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