Panopto Helps University of Bath Reduce Carbon Footprint

PITTSBURGH, March 12, 2009 — The University of Bath’s Integrated Environmental Management Programme has selected Panopto to help extend the reach of conferences and courses on carbon footprints.

Beginning this month, The University of Bath will deliver new training to bridge business knowledge gaps in the fast-developing area of product and service carbon footprinting and carbon labeling. As explained in the University’s guide to training options (, this new range of training is designed to help organizations from small to very large understand how world-leading businesses are using new carbon footprint skills to achieve both economic and environmental benefits.

Dr. Thom Bunting, Integrated Environmental Management Teaching Fellow and project leader of the Carbon Footprinting Skills Initiative, said: “Industry and public services are facing a new era of carbon management in which the carbon content of their products and services will become an important buying factor. Aiming to ‘practice what we preach,’ we will monitor and reduce travel-related carbon footprint impacts of our own training services wherever possible.”

“Panopto’s platform helps us quickly capture, replicate, and disseminate conference presentations and other learning activities. This can help us extend the reach of world-class expertise – without accumulating massive ‘learning miles.’ We are interested in extending the reach of conferences and courses and reducing their carbon footprints.”

Brad Winney, Panopto’s President and CEO stated: “We are proud to be working with University of Bath to deliver this training in carbon footprinting of products and services. Businesses worldwide are eager to understand how to reduce the carbon footprints of their products and services, and we are honored to have been chosen to support this important initiative.”

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