Panopto Increases Scalability, Choice with CourseCast 2.2

Panopto unveils new Panopto Recorder for Mac, advanced podcasting and more

Pittsburgh, Pa., September 22, 2009 – Panopto, Inc., a leading provider of rich media knowledge casting and management solutions for the corporate, education, government and healthcare markets, today announced the release of CourseCast 2.2, the next generation of its leading CourseCast knowledge capture solution.

Building on the robust functionality of its core knowledge capture platform, CourseCast 2.2 offers an extensive list of new features that increase the scalability and usability of the platform to provide users with unmatched control over the recording development process.

“With CourseCast 2.2, users are empowered to create their own customized knowledge capture experiences,” said Brad Winney, chief executive officer for Panopto. “Users can post recordings online to Web sites or content management systems (CMS), schedule recording sessions in advance or on the fly, or create recordings on a Mac instead of a PC. These new features really broaden the reach of CourseCast by allowing institutions to scale their solution to meet the diverse needs of all users.”

New features of CourseCast 2.2 include:

  • Panopto Recorder for Mac – CourseCast 2.2 brings Panopto’s powerful recording capability to Mac users, offering audio/video capture, PowerPoint and Keynote support, as well as high-resolution screen capture
  • Scheduled Recordings – To increase scalability, Panopto allows users to choose whether to begin recordings manually or schedule them in advance so they begin and end without human intervention
  • Advanced Podcasting – Users can download MP4 podcasts that mix video, audio, slides, and screen captures automatically for a first-class mobile viewing experience
  • Offline Viewer – To increase availability of recordings, users can download files and watch them offline at their convenience through Panopto’s standard viewing interface
  • CMS Integration – Integration to the Blackboard Learn™ Platform as well as open-source Moodle platform makes it easy for educational institutions to publish Panopto recordings to the CMS of their choice

CourseCast 2.2 is stimulating knowledge capture at many organizations, including Digital Learning, a higher education consulting firm working with institutions that are implementing Panopto. According to Digital Learning Panopto’s new functionality is increasing the reach of traditional lecture capture programs by making it easier for professors to record, edit and post lectures to course Web sites.

“CourseCast 2.2’s unmatched scalability and superior data management capabilities fulfill all our requirements for a comprehensive knowledge capture solution,” said Kelly Parke, chief media architect for Digital Learning. “The new Mac recorder empowers us to bring lecture capture to all users regardless of their computer, while CourseCast’s simple installation and training process enables presenters to reduce the learning curve from hours to mere minutes.”

A free trial of CourseCast 2.2 currently is available for all new customers. Trials include access to the complete Panopto knowledge capture platform as well as unlimited recording privileges. For more information on starting a trial, please contact Panopto at [email protected] or sign up today at