Panopto Introduces the Easiest Way to Manage, Search, and Replay Skype for Business Recordings

SEATTLE, August 9, 2016 – Panopto today announced a new release of its enterprise video platform. The latest release includes an integration with Skype for Business that dramatically simplifies the process of managing, sharing, and searching inside Skype recordings.

Overcoming the Challenges of Skype Meeting Recording

In recent years, the ability to record online meetings and web conferences has become critical as organizations seek to preserve employee knowledge in the form of video. Many web conferencing solutions, including Skype for Business, provide basic recording functionality that captures the audio, video, and screen content of online meetings. However, Skype’s built-in recording capability has three fundamental shortcomings:

  1. The meeting recording is saved as an MP4 file on the user’s machine where it can’t be discovered or easily shared with co-workers.
  2. The video file isn’t formatted for efficient streaming across corporate networks and the internet to a range of devices.
  3. The content within the video can’t be searched, limiting its value as an on-demand reference.

Today’s release of Panopto addresses these shortcomings with an elegant solution that requires minimal setup and configuration.

Users simply install Skype for Business, install Panopto, and click one checkbox within the Panopto interface. From that point, any recordings initiated from Skype are automatically uploaded to Panopto and published to the user’s personal folder for instant access and secure sharing.

Making Skype Recordings Network-friendly and Searchable

Once a recording is uploaded to Panopto, it’s transcoded for optimal playback on any device and streamed efficiently across corporate WANs and the internet using modern video streaming protocols.

Panopto also indexes the recordings so that the content within them can be searched. Specifically, Panopto automatically indexes the words spoken and shown on-screen during the meeting, enabling viewers to find and fast-forward to precise moments in the meeting where a given topic was covered.

Skype for Business Integration - Panopto Enterprise Video PlatformUsers can find and fast-forward to any word spoken or shown on-screen in Skype for Business recordings

“Employees already use video to share information in online meetings and webinars, but this great content is often lost because the meetings are too hard to record and share,” said Eric Burns, co-founder and CEO of Panopto. “Today, we’re taking the next logical step, enabling employees to automatically publish their recordings and share them in a secure, searchable video library.”

The new Skype for Business integration is available at no additional cost to Panopto customers.


About Panopto
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