Panopto Launches Playlists and Quizzing Integration with Canvas

SEATTLE, July 25, 2017 — Panopto today announced the latest update to its enterprise video platform. The release continues Panopto’s commitment to making video accessible anywhere through integrations with learning management systems and other online services.

Canvas Gradebook integration

Today’s release extends Panopto’s native integration with Instructure’s Canvas LMS. Through this update, Canvas customers can integrate Panopto’s video quizzes into their LMS as assignments, and access quiz results directly from within the LMS gradebook. This enables instructors to test comprehension and reinforce key concepts in their recorded lectures and flipped classroom videos, and then track student progress within the gradebook. Students can also see their Panopto quiz results from within Canvas.

“Interactive video quizzing helps students retain information by applying concepts that they’ve just learned,” said Eric Burns, co-founder and CEO of Panopto. “Now, with Canvas gradebook integration, teachers can use a familiar interface and their existing pedagogy to make video part of their active learning environment.”

Panopto Video Platform - In-Video Quizzing with Canvas
Results of Panopto’s in-video quizzes can now be automatically synchronized with the Canvas gradebook.

Customizable playlists

Today’s release also provides video creators and administrators with a new way of organizing and sharing their media content. Playlists enable customers to group videos into related collections regardless of where the videos are located in the VCMS. Playlists can then be shared directly from within Panopto, or embedded into learning management systems (LMS), content management systems (CMS), CRM systems, enterprise social feeds, and other web portals.

Panopto Enterprise Video Content Management System: Playlists - July 2017
Playlists enable faculty and trainers to easily group related course material.

About Panopto
Panopto helps businesses and universities create searchable video libraries of their institutional knowledge. Since 2007, the company has been a pioneer in video capture software, video content management systems, and inside-video search technology. Today, Panopto’s video platform is the largest repository of expert learning videos in the world. Headquartered in Seattle with offices in Pittsburgh, London, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Sydney, Panopto has received industry recognition for its innovation, rapid growth, and company culture. For more information, visit