Panopto Optimizes Live and On-Demand Video Delivery with Freely-Available Caching Proxy

SEATTLE, October 1, 2015 – Panopto today announced the availability of a caching proxy that accelerates video delivery and minimizes the bandwidth consumed by video on corporate wide area networks (WANs). The caching proxy comes preconfigured to work with Panopto’s video platform, and can be deployed at branch offices and other edge network locations. It is available at no cost to Panopto customers.

In recent years, video has become the preferred medium for corporate communication and training, and its use within the enterprise is skyrocketing. By 2019, Cisco estimates that video will consume nearly two-thirds of all corporate network traffic, and more than 60% of this traffic will be HD and Ultra HD-quality video.

To manage the growing demands that video places on the intranet, businesses are deploying a range of WAN optimization technologies, from enterprise content delivery networks (ECDNs) to WAN acceleration appliances. Among these solutions, the caching proxy is a lightweight option that prepositions video in edge locations, such as remote offices. When employees in these locations access a video, it is delivered from the nearby cache rather than from the origin server in the corporate data center or in the cloud. For businesses who haven’t yet invested in WAN optimization technology, the caching proxy can significantly reduce video traffic across the intranet, improve startup time, and minimize buffering.

Panopto’s solution comes preconfigured as an HTTP caching proxy deployed to a virtual machine. It works in concert with Panopto’s modern video streaming architecture, and is compatible with Panopto’s cloud and on-premises offerings. The proxy is capable of caching both live and on-demand video streams, and it can typically be installed and configured in a matter of hours.

“The first step to effectively managing enterprise video traffic is content caching at the edge of the network,” said Eric Burns, co-founder and CEO of Panopto. “For organizations that don’t yet have an HTTP caching infrastructure, Panopto is pleased to offer this easily accessible solution. The proxy is one part of Panopto’s broader WAN optimization strategy, which helps organizations future-proof their video infrastructure through innovative technology and partnerships.”

About Panopto
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