Panopto’s New Slack App Simplifies Sharing Videos Securely

SEATTLE, WA – March 2, 2020 – Communication at work is changing. When it comes to delivering or receiving important and comprehensive information quickly, more employees increasingly prefer video communications over text. But sharing videos securely using disconnected technologies is cumbersome.

Panopto, a leading video management solution, today announced the release of a new integration with Slack, a popular collaboration hub, which enables users to search for and securely share videos within the Slack experience.

Now available in the Slack App Directory, Panopto’s new app expedites video sharing within Slack. Slack users can simply type “/Panopto” in any Slack message field, followed by a keyword, to instantly search their Panopto video library and then select the video they want to share — all without ever leaving Slack. The “/Panopto” command works in direct messages and channels, and in any version of Slack. Users can also access Zoom meeting recordings captured automatically with Panopto’s Zoom integration.

The Panopto App for Slack ensures that users only see the videos they have permission to see. Panopto authenticates viewers via single sign-on and gives administrators sophisticated tools for managing video viewer permissions at scale. Panopto’s app also brings AI-powered video search into Slack, enabling users to search the information inside videos in their Panopto library. With Panopto, users can instantly find both the videos that are relevant to their search and also the exact moment within a video when a keyword is verbally spoken or shown on screen.

“With the ability to securely search for and share videos within Slack, employees are able to exchange intricate ideas with colleagues much faster than they could through text alone,” said Sean Gorman, Chief Operating Officer at Panopto. “Panopto’s integration for Slack brings simple, secure video sharing to where work collaboration happens.”

Panopto’s Slack app can be found at where Panopto customers can access it as part of their Panopto subscription at no extra cost. Joining a growing ecosystem of integrations, the Panopto App for Slack is the latest enhancement to fully integrate secure video sharing with all the places important information and knowledge is communicated and work gets done.


About Panopto

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