Search Inside Video Content – Panopto Debuts Industry’s Most Comprehensive Video Search Engine

Update to video platform introduces 60-second custom branding, Android app, and sets a new standard for search in the $11B Enterprise Video Platform market

SEATTLE, March 25, 2014 –Video is quickly becoming the communications tool of choice for businesses and universities, but traditional “YouTube-style” video search, which searches only for titles, tags, and comments, has so far limited video’s effectiveness. Today Panopto, a leading video platform provider for the enterprise and education markets, introduced a product update with the most comprehensive way to search inside video content. The update allows Panopto customers to search for any word that is spoken or shown in their videos, and fast forward to that precise moment.

“We’re all used to searching for information on the Internet, in email, and in documents, but video remains a black box full of valuable information that can’t be easily accessed,” said Eric Burns, co-founder and chief product officer, Panopto. “Panopto is tearing down the biggest hurdle to video adoption, introducing video search capabilities that are more sophisticated than those offered by video giants like YouTube, and making it easy for anyone to find and share knowledge across their organization.”

Search Video as Easily as Documents, Websites, and Emails
Enterprise and education videos often run 60 minutes or longer, so being able to find and fast-forward to specific moments is essential. Traditional video platforms, however, only offer basic search capabilities, making it difficult and time consuming to find phrases mentioned by a speaker, words shown on-screen, or key topics covered in a video.

Today’s update allows Panopto’s 500+ enterprise and university customers to search video content as easily as they would search a document, website, or email. Every recording, new and old, stored in an organization’s Panopto video library can now be searched for:

  • Words spoken by any speaker (with new automatic speech recognition)
  • Words that appear anywhere in a video, including text shown on-screen during screencasts and handwritten words shown on whiteboards (with new optical character recognition)
  • Words from PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, including speakers’ notes
  • Words that are part of a video’s public notes or comments

Once a keyword has been found in the video, customers can instantly fast forward to the moment in the video where the keyword appears.

Addressing the Needs of a Growing Market
Live and on-demand video content is quickly becoming critical to enterprise learning and communications. Analysts predict that, by 2016, knowledge workers will spend 45 minutes each day watching video at work. And today’s $11 billion enterprise video platform market is predicted to grow to $35 billion by 2018.

In this rapidly growing market, Panopto’s search capabilities make video as viable as written text as a tool for teaching, documentation, communications, and more.

Additional Features: Custom Branding and Android App
In addition to the new search capabilities, today’s update provides customers with:

  • The ability to brand their video experience in less than 60 seconds: Businesses and universities can quickly match the look of their video library to their brand without design or CSS experience.
  • A new Android app for tablets and smartphones: The native app provides users with interactive viewing and inside-video search. Along with the existing iOS app, Panopto’s mobile apps now extend to 94% of the worldwide mobile device market.

For more information on these and other new features, visit the Panopto blog.

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