Video specialist Panopto announces new integration with Willow DNA’s Pathway LMS

Today (Monday 30 Sep), leading video management software provider Panopto announced a new partnership with award-winning e-learning company Willow DNA. The agreement between the two companies will bring the power of Panopto’s searchable video recording and management solution to Willow DNA’s Pathway platform. Pathway offers companies an easy-to-use hosted learning management system that’s truly learner focused. It’s used by organisations that want the benefits of online and classroom learning, coupled with the ability to add informal and collaborative (social) learning.

The integration with Panopto will further enhance Pathway, allowing administrators to create multimedia recordings that can combine video, audio, PowerPoint slides, screen capture and more. These recordings can be created in just a few clicks using a laptop, an iPhone or a sophisticated complex AV set up. Users accessing Pathway will be able to view this compelling multimedia content and use Panopto’s powerful video search functionality to find exactly the content they are looking for within recordings. From performance support content through to substantive lectures and masterclasses, integrating Panopto’s robust video hosting capability into rich online learning content from Willow will provide a complete solution for online learning.

CEO of Panopto Europe, Tom Davy commented:
“We are delighted to partner with Willow DNA to bring the benefits of our video software solution to Pathway users. For Pathway admins, this integration will allow them to quickly and simply create engaging video content with audio, PowerPoint or keynote slides, extra video streams – and more. For the end-users, it means that they can now access learning content in video form and use our search feature to get to key points within recordings. This will make it much easier for staff to consolidate knowledge or review content before assessments or tests.”

CEO of WillowDNA, Debbie Lawley commented:
“We have always believed that focusing on the learner journey is the best way to achieve great outcomes for organisations and individuals. By adding the power of the Panopto video platform to Pathway, we have achieved the opportunity to create exceptional online learning experiences for our customers.”

Representatives of both Panopto and Willow DNA will be at the World of Learning Conference in Birmingham on 01 and 02 October. If you are at the event, you can visit stand C50 to talk to them more about the integration and how Pathway and Panopto can enhance your learning and development strategy, or contact[email protected] to book a demo of the systems in action.