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Video Content Management for Business

Powering learning for 10 million+ users worldwide
  • Locally hosted cloud secures data in compliance with the latest standards.
  • AI-powered features like automated captions and translations ensure accessibility and support for  20+ languages.
  • Keyword video search finds any topic or word in video content instantly.
  • Non-destructive editing guides flexible content creation.
  • Integrations with leading software tools like Zoom, MS Teams, Moodle, Canvas, and more deliver a seamless learning experience.
  • Best-in-class customer support and service with 9.6 / 10 customer satisfaction ratings guarantee support for your campus.

Enterprise-grade Data Protection with Modern Japanese Standards

The platform you choose for video content plays a key role in your security.

Trust Panopto to secure your data and comply with Japan’s latest standards.

  • Compliance secures data in alignment with legal standards, including the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (APPI), ensuring user protection.
  • Data Protection encrypts data at rest and in transit with proactive and robust security that ensures the privacy and integrity of video content.
  • Regulatory approval ensures Panopto is ready to integrate with your organization’s technology ecosystem, meeting security protocols without additional overhead or concern.

Read our Japan Cloud Flyer for more information (available in English and Japanese, simply browse)

See our latest Case Studies from Japan

KKA Case Study

Assist Corporation adopted Panopto to enhance internal communication and knowledge sharing, leading to a significant cultural shift towards video-based interactions. Within the first year, they created over 12,000 videos, fostering a culture of efficient information sharing and collaboration.

AUCNET Case Study

AUCNET implemented Panopto to enhance video usage in their operations, significantly improving efficiency and communication while fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and innovation. This initiative led to substantial time savings, streamlined workflows, and a transformation in workplace practices.

Hoshi University Case Study

Hoshi University in Tokyo, Japan, leverages Panopto’s video platform to enrich their educational programs, allowing students remote access to recorded lectures and materials, fostering flexible learning environments and enhancing student engagement and outcomes.

Tohoku University Case Study

Tohoku University harnesses the power of Panopto’s video platform to transform educational practices, fostering student engagement and accessibility to course materials. Seamlessly integrated into their framework, the platform equips instructors with valuable analytics for ongoing enhancement of teaching methods, enriching the learning journey for all.