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Success Stories for a Smarter Future of Learning with Panopto.

Our new eBook shows how 6 institutions have increased accessibility and student engagement using Panopto’s innovative, AI-powered Video Platform.

Panopto Video Content Management for Business and Education

At Panopto, we’re proud to partner with higher education institutions globally, supporting their mission to deliver flexible and impactful learning experiences.

Panopto helps institutions of all sizes–from leading private schools, to public universities, community colleges, technical programs, and more–frame learning models that support unique institutional strategies, diverse student preferences, and new instructional methods.

But don’t just take our word for it: Our new eBook is sharing 6 success stories of customers, who have managed to create a smarter, more flexible learning experience with Panopto.

Trusted by leading enterprise organizations and 21 of the world’s 25 top universities.

Cherished by over 11 million users worldwide.

State-of-the-art video cloud offers scalability even when catering to hundreds of thousands of users

AI-powered features such as automated captions and caption translations into 20+ languages

Federated Video Search on a keyword base

Non-destructive editing for enhanced flexibility

Integrations with leading software tools such as Zoom, MS Teams, Moodle, Canvas and more

Best-in-class customer support and service with 9.6 / 10 customer satisfaction ratings for 6 years in a row

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