Class Capture

Class Capture

Record classroom-based video lessons and share them with students using our dedicated software and apps for Windows, Mac, and iOS. Panopto’s flexible class capture software gives you the ability to record online, offline, and anywhere you can take your smartphone. It’s easy enough for first-time users to be up and running in minutes, yet powerful enough to be used by AV teams for recording professional-quality multi-camera live events.

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K12 Integrations

Zoom, Teams, and Webex Management

When you integrate Panopto with your Zoom, Teams, or Webex collaboration solutions, it’s easier for your district community to quickly find and securely share information captured in meeting recordings and other video assets. With Panopto’s web conferencing integrations, you can automate time-consuming and complicated video workflows to ensure your entire district is able to utilize both on-demand and live Zoom, Teams, or Webex video for rapid information sharing.

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Morning Announcements

Morning Announcements

Panopto’s video streaming and recording tools allows students, educators, and administrators to do much more than blast audio morning announcements over the public address system. Schools can now engage the school community with live or recorded video while allowing students to create and produce the broadcasts, creating morning announcements that will captivate the entire school.

LMS Integrations

Stream and Record Video in the LMS

It may be the central hub for your learning classes and professional development programs, but even today’s most advanced learning management systems weren’t built for video. Panopto solves those challenges, and makes it possible to record, view, search, and manage your videos without ever leaving your LMS.

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K12 Video Portal

Community Engagement

For schools and districts across the U.S., district engagement is becoming an integral part of community engagement efforts. With Panopto, you can unify school communication, meet students and teachers where they are, and build a stronger school climate and culture using a video. Panopto enables you to create a custom branded District YouTube™ to engage your community inside and outside of the classroom. Learn more about Panopto video and portal branding.

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K12 Video Solutions

Teacher Generated Content

Make video a part of your students’ learning experience — however works best for your teachers and your district. With no mandatory hardware, servers, or recording studios, Panopto helps you make your own decisions about how to upload and record videos on a laptop or a mobile device.

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Live District Events

Live District Events

Panopto expands your reach beyond the classroom to connect with your community. School districts can broadcast musical, athletic, and board meeting events and engage your audience anywhere. Also, your streams can be secure or public and you can track your live event’s statistics so you know who many people are watching.

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K12 Video Search

Video Search and Discovery

Panopto instantly transforms your school videos into just-in-time learning resources, indexing every video using speech recognition and text recognition. That means that students, teachers, and staff who need answers can search everything inside your video library and fast-forward to the precise point in any video where their keywords occur.

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K12 Student

Student Video Assignments

Panopto makes it easy for instructors to ingest and review student-generated video assignments in their LMS course. Educators in all fields, from math, to science, to art, are starting to see how students can use their phones and laptops to make videos and engage more strongly with what they’re learning. Students make creative or explanatory videos, or just film themselves practicing the skills they’re learning and submit them as assignments in their LMS course using Panopto.

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K12 Video Management

Video Management

Do you need to securely organize video, playlist and folders? Panopto’s video content management system was built for storing and managing video assets safely, at scale. Our K-12 customers manage and organize Class Recordings, Screencasts, Live Streams, Events and Video Playlists.

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Education Video Platform

Accessible Video

Panopto helps organizations achieve compliance with federal accessibility requirements for online video, while reducing the cost and complexity of delivering accessible video content. Panopto offers automatic machine-generated captions for every video, affordable section 508-compliant captions, integrated third-party caption services, and human generated captions. Additionally, Panopto supports screen reader tools and keyboard accessibility and navigation.

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Video Solutions

Professional Development

The need for professional development for teachers and staff to navigate the ever-complicated education landscape cannot be overstated. The Panopto K-12 Video Platform allows district leaders to scale guaranteed, professional development curriculum that promotes collective educator efficacy and accelerates student achievement. Platform delivers engaging and interactive content designed for teachers and staff, via flexible viewing options.

K-12 Video Solutions

Learning Insights and Analytics

Want to know if a student has watched a video? Or where in your recording students tend to stop watching? Panopto helps you get the most out of your media by providing minute-by-minute analytics for each of your videos. Get detailed reports on audience engagement and comprehensive insights into viewing behavior for every video on your Panopto portal. Learn more about analytics and reporting.

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Great customer service included.

One of the best features of our video platform doesn't contain a single line of code. It's our customer service team. Our 24/7 customer service has earned a 99% satisfaction rating three years in a row, and they're included standard in every Panopto implementation.

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Panopto's video hosting platform comes with a support team who is experienced in working with the unique needs of higher education