HomeWebinar: 2023 Video Trends in Higher Education

Video has transformed teaching and learning in higher education.

Institutions are increasingly transitioning from “good enough” solutions to more sophisticated approaches to in-person, virtual, and hybrid learning.

In the face of this change, Panopto partnered with Streaming Media to survey global leaders in higher education to better understand how higher education institutions use video and how new modalities are impacting learning experiences and outcomes.

This webinar dives into the results of the research, including:

  • How institutions are using synchronous (live) and asynchronous (on-demand) video in their classrooms
  • How video learning strengthens student engagement and learning outcomes
  • The impact of flexible and accessible learning experiences on student expectations and enrollment
  • Key criteria on which institutions are evaluating video management tools

Featured Panelist:
Chris Knowlton, Chief Evangelist

Bio: Chris Knowlton is the Chief Evangelist of Panopto, where he educates organizations and industries about the opportunity and impact of asynchronous video communication and knowledge sharing. A veteran of Microsoft, Wowza Media Systems, and BlueFrame Technology, Knowlton has over two decades of expertise in strategic video solutions for schools and businesses of all sizes, and he holds several patents for streaming software technologies.

Watch the Webinar now:

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