Precision in Learning Ensures Safety in Practice

60 Years Worth of Expert Knowledge Preserved

58 Locations Using Panopto

1,000+ Videos Created in the First Six Months

The Challenge

Framatome is a world leader in nuclear optimization and innovation. More than 14,000 employees work every day to help supply Framatome’s customers with ever cleaner, safer, and more economical low-carbon energy.

As the employees who first built and maintained Framatome’s power plants began to retire, it became critical for the company to record and transfer valuable institutional knowledge to newer staff. The extensive knowledge shared manifested in an array of text, image, and video formats, such as diagrams, charts, reports, and analyses. However, Framatome lacked a centralized library, creating a discovery barrier to the wealth of accrued knowledge.

Framatome quickly identified video as the optimal format for information sharing. It sought to adapt and hone the ways in which generations of collected expertise could be quickly and efficiently archived, iterated upon, and accessed on demand.

The Solution

Framatome chose Panopto as a powerful tool for centralizing video asset management. It serves as an easily navigable and searchable library housing Framatome’s vast array of disparately formatted videos created by both professionals and employees. The ability to search within videos enhanced the speed and accuracy of information retrieval, allowing employees to navigate directly to sections within videos referring to specific topics.

While there were legal tightropes to walk regarding international data sharing, Framatome created a culture of collaboration by constructing a secure, region-specific library through creative adaptation of Panopto’s permissions and folder structure.

As a hardware-agnostic, cloud-based solution, Panopto allowed Framatome’s employees access to their collective knowledge regardless of location or device. On-site workers using smartphones gained access to the same Framatome video content as those based in an office.

“Panopto quickly became one of the most appreciated tools for users. We felt like we had a real partner in Panopto.”

Jean-Paul Taravvella, Project Manager for the Knowledge Program, Framatome

The Impact

As one of Framatome’s most successful knowledge transformation initiatives, Panopto functions as a centralized knowledge library housing a generation of the company’s technical insights, analyses, and innovations.

Utilizing Panopto to preserve foundational knowledge—and the ability to self-serve, share, and iterate upon it—ensures that subsequent generations of employees can continue to hone their expertise throughout the nuclear industry. Framatome’s commitment to safety continues to direct their learning and drive their ever-advancing practices.

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