How Panopto Streamlines Training and Communication Across Diverse Business Units


2x Unique Viewers

4.5x Views in Downloads

6,300 Hours of Training Created and Delivered

The Challenge

Sanmina designs and manufactures electronic, optical, and electromechanical products for some of the world’s most innovative companies. Examples of systems manufactured by Sanmina include 4G and 5G communications systems, datacenter infrastructure, power inverters, medical diagnostic systems, automotive electronics, and avionics.

Maintaining Sanmina’s position as a trusted manufacturing partner for leaders in industries including communications, cloud infrastructure, industrial, medical, automotive, defense and aerospace requires fluid knowledge exchange across the 20 manufacturing countries. Sanmina uses video training to ensure clear and efficient knowledge exchange and workplace collaboration. They needed a fully featured video development and distribution platform to enable their communication and training ambitions.

The Solution

Sanmina selected Panopto to scale its global training and communication, helping thousands of employees share knowledge quickly and effectively.

“We launched Panopto all at once, migrating all videos from the legacy platform we were using in only a few weeks. Panopto is much faster, more user friendly, and has more features than the previous platform we were using,” says Mario Zuniga, IT Director, Digital Workplace at Sanmina.

Sanmina’s internal subject-matter experts leverage Panopto to record training content for employees. Panopto enables these experts – even those with no prior video experience – to quickly and easily create peer-to-peer training videos anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

“With Panopto’s screen recorder, we can record and edit videos right in a web browser. This is a big benefit. Panopto’s support for various device types enables us to find more internal creators. Users with no prior video creation experience are now creating content and training videos,” Zuniga says. “Being cloud-based, Panopto has made training videos accessible to viewers, from anywhere – from within a Sanmina facility to an employee’s home office.”

“Panopto is helping Sanmina improve communications, helping our teams be more effective and improve relationships with our partners and customers.”

Mario Zuniga, IT Director, Digital Workplace, Sanmina

The Impact

Panopto is enhancing training and communication across Sanmina’s many business units. The Corporate IT team migrated all of its video training content to Panopto, improving not only video management but also the user experience. Panopto’s Smart Chapters feature is an employee favorite, helping the team digest information more easily.

The Defense and Aerospace division uses Panopto for monthly and quarterly internal communication. The team particularly finds value in Panopto’s viewer analytics, which help them see the impact of messages and plan the best time to share different information.

Across the company, Panopto has empowered creators with greater control over video content and the ability to measure video engagement. Not only can creators pre-record training sessions, they can also capture live demonstrations and convert them into an on-demand training resource. Once recorded, creators can limit video access to specific teams through permission features and use Panopto’s reporting capabilities to track viewership data.

Sanmina and Panopto are working hand-in-hand to support innovative knowledge sharing that helps Sanmina continue to tackle the world’s toughest technology challenges.

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