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5 Strategies to Optimize and Accelerate Onboarding

Most employees perform at only a quarter of their full productivity for the first month in their role – unsurprising given that many companies dedicate only a week or less to employee onboarding. Optimizing your onboarding process can help reduce early turnover by as much as 25% and save the nearly $11,000 it costs to fill a new vacancy. Not only does strategic onboarding save money, it helps boost revenue by quickly ramping new hires to peak productivity.

Download the eBook to discover 5 strategies to optimize and accelerate onboarding with video:

  • Empower employees with asynchronous onboarding
  • Scale on budget with a video learning library
  • Comply with confidence: measure, improve, and update your training
  • Surface institutional intelligence through social learning
  • Protect and secure your knowledge base

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