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Make Meetings Meaningful Using the Tech You Trust

Wainhouse Report: Unlocking the Hidden Value of Business Video

Whether meetings remain remote, revert to in-person, or evolve into hybrid, the meeting will never be the same again.

Tools like Zoom, Webex, and Teams have transformed the typical meeting. Video adoption in enterprise communications is expected to continue growing post-pandemic – but that’s not the whole story.

Video conferencing recordings generate millions of hours of useful video content, but organizations are not leveraging their investments to squeeze potential value from recorded meeting content.

A new report from Wainhouse suggests video conferencing solutions will continue to grow. Research shows 88% of workers believe video is effective in communicating work-related information. A further 86% of daily video conferencing users want video meetings to be recorded and archived for future use.

In the report, Wainhouse offers 3 ‘Video Transformation Tactics’ that organizations can use:

  • Expand the reach and impact of video meetings 
  • Identify tools that help transform video into intelligence
  • Leverage streaming platforms 

To learn how your organization can make meetings more meaningful, download this exclusive report.

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