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9 Must-Haves for a Successful Virtual Classroom

An ebook for instructors and administrators looking to future proof their classes.

Once perceived as a temporary solution for surviving the pandemic, virtual learning and virtual classrooms are quickly becoming imperative to the future operating model for higher education. It makes sense: as universities vacillate between in-person and virtual learning, standing up virtual classrooms ensures continuity. Moreover, many students have grown accustomed to the flexibility and choice that accompany virtual learning. 

Learn what the most successful virtual classrooms all have in common in this ebook such as:

  • The right technology infrastructure
  • The best mix of asynchronous and synchronous learning
  • A focus on mobile compatibility
  • A sense of place community

Whether your classes are hybrid, all online, or all in-person, be prepared for all eventualities and get your virtual classroom ready now.

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