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The Practical Guide to Flipping Your Meetings

A white paper for anyone interested in managing and participating in more productive meetings.

The way we do meetings today is broken. Meetings at most organizations are PowerPoint-driven lectures, with no real opportunity to get real work done or real decisions made.

But there is an alternative. The “flipped meeting” approach is revolutionary in its simplicity:

  • Share the informational presentation before the meeting so participants are fully informed up front
  • Focus the meeting on making decisions, opening discussion, and getting work done in the meeting, not afterwards

This handbook includes a guide to developing a flipped meeting culture in your organization, including:

  • Pre-meeting communication and information sharing needs
  • In-meeting group management and best practices
  • Ideas for using video to make flipped meetings more efficient

Flipping your meetings can help you win back time wasted in meetings, ensure that every meeting you attend is productive, and empower your teams to collaboratively make smarter, timelier decisions.

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