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How to Build a Social Learning Program with Video

A white paper for learning and development teams, trainers, human resources professionals, and managers.

90% of what employees learn isn’t taught in formal training. It’s gleaned from conversations, observations, and simple trial and error — a process known as social learning.

Until recently, businesses have struggled to facilitate social learning due in part to limitations of traditional enterprise social software.

In recent years, however, advances in video technology and the emergence of enterprise video platforms have made company-wide social learning an attainable goal for businesses large and small.

Today, video is helping organizations capture, preserve, and share their institutional knowledge, while at the same time speeding employee onboarding, improving corporate learning and increasing the pace of innovation.

In this white paper, you’ll learn how your organization can successfully launch a social learning program. Included are 6 ideas for getting started, 3 ways to build a culture that embraces social learning, and 5 ways an enterprise video platform can help.

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