With so much of people’s days being devoted to meetings, leaders in almost every organization have begun looking for ways to relieve the strain meetings can put on productivity, and reap more of the benefits that real-time collaboration and meetings have to offer.

As it turns out, there’s a simple solution to this challenge that several Fortune 500 companies have already discovered. 

So what’s the secret? Record all your meetings.

By recording meetings, you can turn the conversations your employees are already having — whether in conference rooms or on video calls — into valuable information resources that minimize the extra time meetings can take away from your employees and maximize the impact meetings can have on your bottom line.

And better still, you likely already have the tools you need in order to give it a try. 

Most organizations today already have conference rooms equipped with video cameras and microphones, as well as video conferencing software that makes it possible for people to attend meetings from different locations. And most of your people even have video cameras and microphones built into their laptops. 

All that means the only thing stopping you from creating complete digital records of any and every meeting is simply that no one has thought to press the “record” button yet. 

In this white paper, we’ll take a comprehensive look into how and why a growing number of organizations are transforming their meetings to boost employee productivity, including 10 compelling reasons why your business should start recording all your meetings.

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