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Webinar: Bridging the Learning Divide with Smarter Classroom Recording

While institutions like Middle Tennessee State embrace diversified forms of student enrollment, smarter classroom design with advanced lecture capture can scale learning on and off campus to bridge the gaps.

In an era of remote learning that expands enrollment and reach, bridging the gap has never been more important. Some students want to commute or live on campus, while others live far away. Some prefer in-person classes, while 40% of students want to learn remotely while working full—or part-time jobs. The rise of Hybrid and online learning–with partnerships, remote enrollment, micro-credentialing programs, and more–gives students more choices but creates an institutional challenge. Can learning remain equitable for all students, no matter their enrollment type?

Watch this webinar featuring Middle Tennessee State University to learn how they use Panopto and Epiphan to scale lecture capture across 400+ rooms, transforming disparate classroom technology into fully aligned solutions for a unified learning experience. Understand the benefits of scaling lecture capture for students across enrollment types and what next-generation classroom recording looks like for a future of learning on-demand.

You’ll Learn:

  • How Middle Tennessee State designs smarter classrooms with lecture capture for remote and in-person students
  • How ease-of-use for recording grows instructor adoption, simplifies administrator workflows, and facilitates instructional design
  • How remote recording saves institutions time managing devices
  • Advantages of Epiphan hardware devices with Panopto for in-room recording and scheduling at scale
  • How Panopto, Epiphan hardware devices, and Zoom integrate together on MTSU’s campus for a unified recording and technology experience


Jamie Turak, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Panopto

Julian Fernandez, Director of Product Marketing, Epiphan

James Copeland, Director of Classroom Technology, Middle Tennessee State University

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