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Webinar: How to Scale Workforce Training with Engaging Content Strategies

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About the Webinar

Watch this webinar featuring Brandon Edling, Director of Technical Enablement at Fastly, for content training insights. As a leader in enablement and training for technology companies, Brandon shares expertise in scaling content training across organizations, including best practices, creator insights, and more.

Key Takeaways: 

  • How to think about training like a content creator.
  • The importance of content creation in an end-to-end learning journey.
  • How metrics can validate training for success.
  • How to get more value from content beyond its shelf life.
  • Why engagement turns workforce training into curiosity.

Whether your business already uses content for training at scale–or wishes to design a new program–the impact of content learning success comes from company culture, which starts with you.

Today, sales, marketing, product, and even frontline employees need content–and lots of it–to stay enabled, informed, and inspired to drive successful business outcomes. But scaling an effective content training program requires not just the right technology tools but strategic inputs, creativity, and organization.

What could a culture of content mean for your workforce learning goals? And what are the best practices for content training? Leaders across business sectors can tailor content learning models for impactful results in an increasingly digital age. 

Presenter: Brandon Edling, Director of Technical Enablement at Fastly

About Brandon:

Hi, I’m Brandon Edling, an enablement and learning professional with over 20 years of experience in technology and product-oriented enterprises. My diverse skill set includes project management, technical writing, and designing comprehensive training programs. I excel in video production, enabling me to create compelling learning experiences. Moreover, I am adept at delivering training content remotely or in-person, providing versatile and effective learning solutions for all stakeholders.

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