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Modern Learning and Making Subject Matter Expertise the Future of L&D

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Corporate Learning & Development strategies have changed substantially over the past ten years.

Traditional training has long been dependent on in-person training events that require a significant investment in travel, facilities, people, and more. Not only are these methods costly, but they’re inconvenient.

Responding to both changing employee demographics and the now ubiquitous technologies employees use for accessing information, learning leaders are largely moving towards offering a more diverse set of learning options that are social, mobile, and video-based.

The result? Learning and knowledge sharing are becoming more agile, and businesses are seeing the benefit of both reduced costs and improved productivity.

In this webinar, Wainhouse Research analysts Alan Greenberg and Charles DeNault dig into the shifting world of modern learning in the enterprise. Join them as they discuss:

  • Recent research and data that explains modern learning trends in the enterprise
  • 2 examples of the ROI businesses are seeing from modern learning methods
  • New strategies for scaling content creation
  • How you can begin implementing the training best practices of tomorrow

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