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Panopto for Teams: Optimize Workforce Knowledge Sharing with the Panopto-Microsoft Teams Integration

Your organization’s greatest asset is knowledge.

In today’s digital workforce, your teams’ bright ideas, collaborative moments, and insights live on shared drives and virtual screens. So as a business leader, do you make it easy to capture and share knowledge–from video training content to recorded meetings–across tools, teams, and workflows?

Panopto, the industry’s leading video-learning platform that scales workforce knowledge capture, is available on Microsoft Teams. The integration empowers Microsoft Suite organizations to unlock a searchable capture and content experience directly in the Microsoft platform. Share recorded meetings to boost productivity, make meetings searchable for employees who miss them, and enrich knowledge transfer with smart accessibility features with Panopto–all without leaving the Teams platform your employees use daily.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how the Panopto-Microsoft Teams integration:

  • Scales meeting capture easily within Teams across your organization
  • Facilitates meaningful collaboration to share ideas, teamwork, and content without leaving the Microsoft platform
  • Consolidates workflows between familiar tools to drive engagement and adoption
  • Improves on-the-job learning with federated search across an entire video library
  • Future-proofs your organization’s tech stack with an agnostic video content management tool

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