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It’s a(v) Video Broadcast Revolution

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About the Webinar

How your workforce can use video capture and streaming to revolutionize communication

The video broadcast revolution is here.

Technological advancements in video conferencing impact the way organizations work and learn. Audio visual rooms (AV) with turnkey streaming set-ups and broadcasted content libraries challenge existing communication models–particularly with AI.

If you’re a business leader seeking to improve communication transparency, agility, or accountability with your teams, advanced video conferencing solutions can help.

Watch this webinar featuring Don Cottam, CEO of 323 Link, as he shares expertise in scaling video communication across industries–from higher education to government agencies–and demonstrates how 323 Link’s AV Solution for Windows powered by Panopto disrupts the status quo.  Don founded 323 Link in 2007 to simplify audio-visual solutions and turn “complicated” into “turnkey.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Workforce communication trends impacting your business.
  • Learn how AI-powered Smart Rooms can scale themselves.
  • The role of AI in security, accessibility, and the evolution of meeting capture.
  • New applications for video conferencing in higher education and government, and how AI impacts change.

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