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14 Ways to Use Video for Formal and Informal Learning

A white paper for learning and development teams, trainers, human resources professionals, and managers.

Video answers today’s most common training challenges. It helps instructors increase training quality, speed and effectiveness — all while significantly lowering program costs.

Today’s learning and development professionals already understand the potential that video technology offers.

Their real challenge? Convincing their organizations to do more.

In our latest white paper, we help L&D practitioners make the business case for doing more with video, including:

  • 5 benefits that help convince your decision makers to use video in more ways for L&D
  • 14 ideas for supporting and scaling formal and informal learning with video
  • 1 technology — the video platform — that simplifies the use of video for L&D

Video training is no longer a novel idea. It’s the new normal. Make sure your organization isn’t missing out.

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