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Your YouTube Channel vs. the Corporate YouTube

A white paper for businesses using video to train and communicate with their employees, partners, and customers.

Video is increasingly the way businesses communicate and share valuable information. As organizations continue to find new value in video – creating online training videos, streaming live executive broadcasts, webcasting events, and offering on-demand presentations and product demos – the question of where to keep all this video has become critical.

Often, this question comes down to two hosting options:

  • Video sharing sites, such as a branded YouTube channel; or
  • Your “corporate YouTube” video content management system.

The right decision for where to host any video should be based on 4 factors:

  1. Who’s watching your videos
  2. Whether a video’s content is secret or shareable
  3. How important is it to be able to find videos and search inside them
  4. Whether your team needs to know exactly who watches the video

The importance of these factors will vary from video to video.

Which solution offers the best mix of security, searchability, and shareability for business video? Download our white paper, Your YouTube Channel vs. The Corporate YouTube, today to find out.

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