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Announcing Canvas Gradebook Integration for Panopto Quizzing

This week at InstructureCon 2017, we’re excited to announce a new feature that extends our native integration into the Canvas learning management system (LMS).

The feature is gradebook integration. It enables Canvas customers to integrate Panopto’s interactive video quizzes into their LMS as assignments, and access quiz results directly from within the LMS gradebook.

For both faculty and students, the integration improves productivity by using a single interface for managing video quizzes. According to the American Psychology Association, people can lose up to 40% of their productivity simply by switching tasks. Like video and playlist embedding, rolling two-way user sync, and automatic course provisioning, the integration of quizzing into Canvas Gradebook reduces the need to switch between Canvas and Panopto, enabling teachers to focus on teaching rather than the underlying technology.


Panopto's Canvas gradebook video integration

Results of a Panopto video quiz as seen from the Canvas Gradebook

“Interactive video quizzing helps students retain information by applying concepts that they’ve just learned. Now, with Canvas gradebook integration, teachers can use a familiar interface and their existing pedagogy to make video part of their active learning environment.”

For those of you who haven’t yet tried interactive video quizzing, here’s how it works.

The Panopto editor now includes a quiz maker tool that enables instructors to easily create assessments and embed them directly within their videos. Multiple quizzes can be embedded into each video, and each quiz can consist of one or more multiple choice, true/false, and multi-select questions. Instructors can add new quizzes, make changes to existing quizzes, or delete quizzes right from within the editor.  Then, when learners watch the video in Panopto’s interactive player, the quiz(zes) will automatically launch at the time(s) specified.

Quizzes are a great way for teachers to introduce active learning into their recorded lectures and flipped classroom videos, and to help students stay engaged as they review their course materials.


Panopto's video quizzing integration with Canvas

Panopto’s in-video quizzing capabilities help instructors test comprehension, reinforce key concepts, improve knowledge retention, and make their videos more engaging.


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