Over the past twenty years, advances in the areas of web and video content delivery have aided the growth of technology-based teaching methodologies, including the flipped classroom model, blended learning, MOOCs, and more.

However, for those just starting to explore these new instructional paradigms, the terminology can be as new as the technology.

In conversations with our customers, we’re sometimes asked about the differences between blended learning and flipped classrooms, so we thought we’d help shed some light on the subject.

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is a form of education that takes place both online and in a brick-and-mortar location. Both of these modalities are integrated into a cohesive learning experience for the student. In blended learning scenarios, “face time” between students and teachers is not replaced by online course delivery. Rather, the online component of the learning experience usually consists of exercises or additional content that complement the in-class lesson.

What is hybrid learning?

Often, the term hybrid learning is used almost interchangeably with blended learning. However, there is a subtle distinction. In hybrid learning, a significant portion of the course takes place online. In contrast with blended learning, a hybrid learning scenario replaces much of the student-teacher “face time” in a brick-and-mortar location with online interaction.

What is a flipped classroom?

The flipped classroom is another form of blended learning where a student is first exposed to new material outside of class, usually in the form of an online presentation. When the student attends class in a brick-and-mortar setting, the class time is used to apply the material in the form of problem-solving and discussion.The Practical Guide To Flipping Your Classroom - eBook

Download: The Practical Guide to Flipping Your Classroom


Whether you’re looking to implement hybrid learning into your pedagogy or are interested specifically in flipping your classroom, video plays a critical role. To learn more about how Panopto’s lecture capture and video learning platform can help you with your blended learning goals, complete the form below.

Published: November 15, 2019