An engaging online learning experience.

By simply pressing record.

It’s perhaps the greatest challenge in supporting distance learning: designing an online learning experience that lives up to the reputation your on-campus learning experience has earned. Students in a classroom can see the teacher, their slides, white boards and even live demonstrations. How can you make sure students online will be able to see those same resources?

With Panopto, there’s nothing you can’t capture. Panopto is the only video software for distance and online learning built with the flexibility to record any combination of video sources, in any configuration, from anywhere, in full HD. Panopto automatically recognizes connected cameras and microphones to make recording videos for online courses effortless — just press record and begin teaching. Whether you’re streaming classes live or capturing the session for on-demand playback, with Panopto, you can give your distance learners the ability to see everything their classmates on campus can. 

Panopto also puts the viewer in control of their learning experience. Viewers can see the instructor alongside supporting video feeds, including screen shares, slides, whiteboards, and document cameras. Viewers can toggle between any of these video feeds based on their preference at any time, turn captions on and off when available, and even change the video’s playback speed. With Panopto, you’re providing your distance learners with more than a passive video feed — you’re creating a more engaging, interactive playback experience that can help improve learning outcomes.

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Integrate Panopto's video platform with all your distance learning tools

Panopto integrates with Zoom, Webex, and other video conferencing systems.

Universities around the world already support real-time video tools like Zoom, Webex, BlueJeans, Skype, and others to facilitate important faculty-student interactions like live group discussions, virtual office hours, and online meetings. Unfortunately, much of the information exchanged in these sessions goes unrecorded, and thus is impossible to revisit.  

To overcome this challenge, many institutions have begun recording their video conferences. For students who couldn’t attend the live class session, recordings make it possible to watch the discussion on-demand from any device. For those who were able to attend, recordings make it possible to review concepts and important ideas in perfect fidelity prior to exams. 

Panopto includes pre-built integrations for popular video conferencing tools, providing you with the easiest way to manage, search, and securely share live class recordings. With Panopto, your video conferences are automatically uploaded securely to your central video library, shared with enrolled students through your LMS, and they can be searched for any word spoken or shown during the session. Faculty can even use Panopto to audit student viewing activity, add in slides and other content, and include quizzes — ensuring distance learners receive a first-class online learning experience.

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Build a better virtual classroom.

Integrate with your LMS, web portals, and more.

For nearly a decade, Panopto has been working with academic institutions and our technology partners to build the best video integrations for distance learning in the industry. 

Our video platform integrates with LMSs like Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, D2L, and Sakai, so you and your students can access your videos without ever having to leave your distance learning environment. Panopto also includes an extensive set of developer APIs for integrating your video platform with all the other portals and systems that make up your remote learning infrastructure.

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“Panopto has given our students and faculty the ability to use video technology much more easily than they ever could before, and that really enhances the teaching and learning process.”

Jeana Rogers, Specialist, Butler University Center for Academic Technology
Interact with students inside your distance learning videos with Panopto

Interact inside online course videos.

Students on campus benefit from being able to raise their hand during a lecture and ask the instructor questions in the moment as they come up. Outside of attending a live discussion online through a video conference, distance learners often don’t have such an easy path to interacting with the instructor when they need answers.

With Panopto, students can ask questions, have discussions, and leave bookmarks for themselves right inside the video player — whether or not they’re watching in real time. That means that distance learners can still get that personalized classroom experience even when watching on-demand course videos. They can also interact with classmates and take notes for later just like they would in a physical classroom environment.

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Add quizzes inside distance learning videos

Add quizzes inside videos.

Easily create and include multiple choice, checkbox, and true/false questions to test learner comprehension, reinforce key concepts, improve knowledge retention, and make your distance learning programs more engaging.

With Panopto, you can add questions to your videos in less than a minute, decide whether viewers can retake quizzes, review grades, and learn more about correct answers, and even access real-time reports of quiz responses to help identify which viewers may have struggled and which topics were most challenging.

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Panopto helps you make distance learning videos accessible to everyone

Make online learning accessible to everyone.

Increasing access to higher education requires online learning tools that support not only students who are separated from campus by distance and time, but also students with disabilities. With Panopto, it’s easier to go that extra mile and make course videos more accessible to anyone.

Panopto offers flexible options for video captioning (including affordable 508-compliant captions that start at just $1 per minute), configurable caption settings for viewers, and variable speed playback. And every element of Panopto, from the library to our video players, is fully accessible for screen reader software and supports keyboard navigation.

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Live stream lectures to distance learners with Panopto's video platform

Live stream to remote learners with one extra click.

Make courses available to more students, regardless of classroom space. With Panopto, you can support remote learning in more of your courses. Panopto’s one-click webcasting capability makes it easy to securely live stream lectures, expanding access to in-demand courses and enhancing the learning experience for a diverse student body.

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Measure how students are engaging with video content with Panopto's video platform for active learning

Measure how students are engaging with online learning.

With Panopto, faculty can easily view reports that show which students watched each video, how long students watched videos before dropping off, and more. It’s valuable information that allows instructors to monitor the progress of distance learners and identify specific moments where students are most engaged in learning.

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Great customer service included.

One of the best features of our video platform doesn’t contain a single line of code. It's our customer service team. Our 24/7 customer service has earned a 99% satisfaction rating three years in a row, and they’re included standard in every Panopto implementation.

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Best-in-class support for using video for distance learning